Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nfu-Oh #63 and Stamping

Hello my fellow nail art enthusiasts!  Today I'm sharing with you some stamping I did on top of a holo polish by Nfu-Oh.  I wish the photos did this polish justice, the shift in color truly is amazing in person.  

It's mostly a pink and silver but you can see the shimmer of color shift in the bottle in some of the pics.

I actually googled swatches for holo polishes and Nfu-Oh kept coming up gorgeous so I hopped online and ordered it.  It was more than I'm used to spending on polish but it was totally worth it!

I love how pretty the bottle and cap are also!  I know it shouldn't be a factor in my polish buying but I do look twice at pretty bottles.

I used Bundle Monster plate BM-412 for the stamping and a cheapo black I had laying around.  I think they turned out quite cute even if it is pinker than I'd normally go!  Thanks for looking and please share if you like them!

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