Monday, December 15, 2014

Rich Chocolate Candies on My Nails! or Zoya Water-Marbling Success

Hello my fellow nail polish addicts!  I have been on a water-marble kick lately so I thought I'd try out some Zoya's to see how well they work water-marbling.  Turns out they work great!  Check 'em out!

I used Zoya Flynn (the light brown), Zoya Lousie (the dark brown), and Zoya Pepper (the red).  I was going for more of an earthy feel but they turned out to look like rich chocolates instead.  Still a win in my book!

They were a big hit at work with the girls which always makes my day!

I used ProFX as my base coat, then did a coat of Flynn before doing the water-marbling on top.  I of course used my usual Sech Vite to seal it.

I definitely have been spoiling myself with chocolate and I'm blaming the holidays while thoroughly enjoying the indulgence!  ヽ(´▽`)/  

I hope everyone else is enjoying the holiday spirit, I know I will be this year since I got my shopping done early!  Thanks for looking, I'll have more up to share soon!

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