Friday, February 6, 2015

3d Butterfly Nail Art

Hello my fellow nail art enthusiasts! Today I'm sharing with you my 3d butterfly mani.  The butterfly is sculpted from polymer clay and affixed with a clear coat of nail polish.  I wish I could take credit for making them but I got them at one of my local nail supply shops.

I created the gradient using a make up sponge and the following colors:
Sally Hansen Charteuse Chase
Sinful Colors Exotic Green
Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth
KleanColor Lavenbaby

I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the dots and acrylic paint for the grass.  I did end up with horrible bubbling once I put my top coat on, which is completely my fault for not allowing it proper dry time before applying my top coat.

That bubbling just ruins this otherwise super cute mani...grrrr
Well, I guess lesson learned, be more patient!  
I do have more non bubbling mani's to share so check back soon!

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