Sunday, March 22, 2015

Free Spirit Nail Art now can be found at

Hello my lovely fellow polish addicts!  I decided to go ahead and get the domain name for my blog registered!  You can now find my blog at, no blogspot needed in the URL!

I have also changed my nail shape to a stiletto and have several new mani's to share with you soon, I'm working on them now and have lots of exciting news to share, so stay tuned!

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Spun Sugar Mani / Nail Art and a quick review on OPI Axxium gel top coat

Hello my fellow nail polish enthusiasts, today I'm sharing with you a mani sometimes referred to as Spun Sugar.   It's because you let the polish get tacky and stringy and drape the strings across the nail to give it a textured effect.  I also have a review of the OPI Axxium UV gel top coat for you.

For the mani I used Sinful Colors Skylark for the base peachy color and Sally Hansen Hard As Nail Purple Craze to do the "strings." I plan on getting a tutorial up soon but I promise a quick google search for Spun Sugar Nail Art pulls up tons of stuff!

Now on to the gel top coat!

 I only sealed my middle finger with Axxium and left the rest textured. OPI Axxium is a gel top coat that requires curing under a UV light.  I've read you can use it on top of any polish or nail enhancement (like acrylic or gel nails), you just have to make sure what you are top coating is dry.  It did work but got a few "bubbles," I'm guessing due to the purple not being as dry as it should be, that or I brushed a bubble on during application.  

I plan on using it again over other things soon to get a better feel for it but I'm fairly impressed with the 1st try.  It cured super hard and super fast under the UV light, making it great for nail art! One thing to note is that it did take a 15 min soak with an acetone drenched cotton ball to get the top coat off, as it is a gel nail enhancement, even if it is super easy to apply!  I wrapped my fingers in foil to keep the cotton ball in place while it was soaking off.  I expected that but was hoping it wouldn't take quite as long.  It's definitely great for making a mani last but when I change my polish daily it is just too abrasive considering the removal process.  I do think it's a great addition to have in any nail salon or nail tech arsenal and am excited to work with more gels in the future, but more on that later!

I hope you liked this mani and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.  As always please share it if you like it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jade Stone / Gold Foil Nail Art

Hello my lovely readers!  I have a mani to share with you today that was meant to look like stone and may not quite have hit the mark but still looks cute in my opinion!

I started out with a base color of Sinful Colors Vintage and used Zoya Pixie Dust Sunshine for the accent nail.  

I then painted on a few random swatches of a gold color by Deborah Lippmann named Glamorous Life and placed flakes of faux gold foil on top of that.  

To finish it all off I re-used a bow from my It's A Boy mani which I affixed with nail glue to the accent nail and sealed the other nails with a matte top coat by Fresh Paint.

The nail glue I picked up from a local beauty supply actually works rather well and the bow has lasted over 24 hours now including a gently hair wash!  I deem these a success!  Thanks for looking and share it if you like it!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Epic Fail at Flower Nail Art

 Hello my fellow nail polish addicts and fellow readers!  I have a quick post to share with you of a an EPIC FAIL of a mani I did awhile ago....

Left hand.

The pink is Sinful Colors Pink Forever and I used random dabs of so many colors I really can't name them all  :(

Left hand

I can tell you that I did use several different dotting tools of various size and toothpicks to create the flowers then used acrylic paint and a fine detail brush to add the finishing touches.

Right hand

I can't decide if I like the left or the right hand better but overall I think I could have done a much better job and went overboard when I should have left well enough alone.

Right hand

I didn't bother top coating it since I didn't really like it and didn't wear it for very long but it give me something to compare to years down the road so I feel it's fair to share the flops along with the great manis.  Just cause I don't like it doesn't mean you won't so please share it if you like it or leave suggestions in the comments below!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Very Late Valentine's Day Mani 2015

Hello everyone!  I know it's very late but I wanted to share with you the mani I wore for Valentine's Day this year!

My boyfriend and I wandered around Ikea getting furniture ideas then headed back to my place for snuggles, romcoms on Netflex and fancy cheese we'd splurged on from WholeFoods.  It was a low key fantastic day!

But on to the actual mani!  I used Fresh Paint Arrowhead for the base color and the accent nail is Sinful Colors Pink Forever.  I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Sinful Colors Black on Black to stamp on the LOVE using Bundle Monster plate # BM-426.  As usual I finished it with a top coat of Seche Vite.

I plan on doing a more complicated mani next year which is a good thing I have a whole year to plan it out! Thanks for looking and please share it if you like it!