Wednesday, June 17, 2015

3d Nail Art using Caviar Beads and lots of Glitter

Hello my dear readers!  I'm hoping today finds you polished and pretty!  I'm sharing with you a mani that took way too many hours to do considering I only wore it for one day!

I started out with my usual Pro-FX base coat then did one coat of Milano Ink Spot.  It's a very dark blue that appears black unless light is directly on it.  

I then used L A Color Craze glitter for my pinky and ring finger.  It doesn't seem to have a name but the number on the bottom of the bottle is BCC557.  I then used Fresh Paint Sugar Crush on my index and middle fingers.  I missed out on getting ahold of Essie's Shine of the Times but this is a dupe that I'm thrilled to have come across.  They carry the Fresh Paint brand at Five Below stores if anyone wants to snag a bottle.

I used rhinestones and hand placed the tiny caviar beads on two fingers using a toothpick and a dollar store clear coat.  It took FOREVER!  I then painted the chains on the other two fingers using Revlon Copper Penny and a tiny detail brush.  I found Copper Penny at Big Lots and they tend to have tons of two pack Revlon polishes for two bucks anytime I go.

I sealed it like usual with a top coat of Seche Vite once I was done. I like how this mani turned out but my back hurt from bending over so long placing those caviar beads. Well, art does take time and even with a sore back I'm loving this bling!  Please share it if you like it and check back soon for more nail art!

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