Monday, June 15, 2015

Milano Enchanted Swatch / Review

Hello my fellow polish addicts!  I'm sorry I have been absent but I'm back and ready to share with you my new nail shape as promised!

Filing down to a stiletto shape after years of a square tip was time consuming and I'm still not happy with it but it's getting there.  I did my best to file in only one direction creating the new shape since I was worried about breakage but I did cheat on a few strokes out of frustration.

It's a work in progress....but I'm loving this Milano Enchanting.  When I bought it I thought it was more of a brown color in the store but it's more a deep red that's almost black.

It took two to three coats to get full coverage and like all reds it was a beast to clean up on the nails where I flooded the cuticle.

I used a base coat of Pro FX and sealed it with a top coat of Seche Vite. I'm not a big fan of reds but this isn't a bad color.  The formula was a little goopy but thinner does fix that.  Overall I'm still not too happy with any of the new Milano's but I'm willing to keep giving them a shot since I like their colors. 

Thanks for reading and check back soon to see some new nail art and I even have tutorials planned!

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