Monday, July 27, 2015

Swirl Nails

 Hello my lovelies and my fellow polish addicts!  I'm sorry I haven't been posting more often but life has gotten in the way and I've had to move...AGAIN...(I had just moved in August of 2014) grrrrr. More on that later but for now on to the important things and the reason you read my blog,   SWIRLY NAIL ART!!!!

I used L.A. Colors Electra for the pink and Sinful Colors Beaches and Cream for the cream color.  I did one thin coat of Beaches and Cream, then another thick coat then dripped Electra on top of that and swirled it using a toothpick.  It was a thick mess but once it was dry enough I sealed it with a top coat of Seche Vite.

If you have trouble getting a water marble to work I would suggest doing this technique in it's place.  The trick is to work quickly before your thick base color dries so that you can swirl your second color in.

As far as why life has gotten in the way...well...I was going to announce my entrance into school...which I had already achieved 75 hours towards my manicure license while I was still living in Texas...but for my safety (thanks to my crazy ex...) I had to leave the state and am now saving again to go back to school in my new state.  My student loans will not transfer (to my disappointment) but I just landed a sweet accounting position so I should be able to save quickly and keep pursuing my goal of professionally being in the nail art industry.  One day I hope to own my own salon and will be working on my blog and other nail art related projects in the mean time to keep my skills sharp while I save for school.  My friends, my love, and my family have been super supportive of this transition in life, from me moving, to me saving for school, to dealing with everything else that goes with starting over.

So all in all...I love this mani and it's a great alternative to water marble nails and while it's been crazy starting over I'm safe and happy which is what is important!  I have many new designs coming to you soon and will be posting more often from now on so check back soon and thanks for looking!

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