Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Princess Nails

Hello my fellow nail polish lovers!  Today I'm sharing with you my take on princess nails.  They have a very Disney princess / Power Ranger / Sailor Moon feel to them.  I was just going for uber girly when I started but wound up with Princess Nails!

I stated out with a light pink color by Sinful Colors named Easy Going then did the tips in a purple by NYC named Lexington Lilac.  My accent nail is a textured polish made by Zoya named Tomoko from their Pixie Dust line.

The nail studs came from Claire's at the mall.  I like these but they seemed soooo young I didn't even wear them out of the house and changed them only a few hours later,  It is a design I will keep in mind for any future young clients I might have but not one I will wear again.

What do you think?  Would you rock these in the real world if you were pushing 30(ish....)?  Leave me a comment below and stayed tuned for more nail art!

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