Monday, September 21, 2015

Pueen Squishy Stamper Review

Good morning everyone ... or afternoon, or evening depending on when you read this :) I got my Pueen squishy stamper in and it works just as well as the Winstonia one!  

It has one yellow end and one pink end which makes using lighter colors such as white much easier!  Just like the white Winstonia one from my last post this is also a squishy stamper.

The pink end is square and the yellow end is round.  They pick up and transfer well as you can see below!

The blue is Revlon Fashionista and the white is Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

The stamping plate I used was Bundle Monster plate # BM-S105.

This definitely makes stamping sooooo much easier!  Both Winstonia and Pueen seem to make great stampers so if you have a chance to buy one or would like to try stamping I highly recommend these!

Just for fun I thought I'd include a pic of the box it came in!
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