Saturday, September 19, 2015

Winstonia Squishy Stamper Review

Hello my fellow nail art enthusiasts!  I got my new squishy stamper in the mail and I love it!  I really really love it! 

The lines transferred so well!  It was so much easier than using a rubber stamper!  I'm converted!
For those of you wondering why it's a squishy stamper it's because it's made from a gel like material that literally squishes.

So here are 3 tips that I read in reviews before I purchased and I'm so glad I did!  

1.  NEVER NEVER NEVER use acetone to clean it, you only need some spare tape. After you stamp your nail you stamp the excess on the sticky side of the tape.   Acetone will eat through this like it does most other things!

2. It is meant to come out of the stamper and uses suction to hold it in place. This is also a bonus as it can stretch your design out for you if you have a large nail. I have tiny nails but like to grow them longer so the small designs don't always give me full coverage but now that doesn't matter!

3. You really really need to use a light touch. If you are used to a rubber stamper then you know you have to press fairly hard sometimes on the plate and on your nail to get a clean transfer but that just doesn't work for this kind of stamper. It actually doesn't pick up the polish from the plate if you push too hard. I thought I was doing something wrong since I was using about 1/2 the pressure I would with a rubber stamper but it really takes even less than that. I'd say a 1/3 to even a 1/4 of the pressure is all that is needed.

I splurged when I bought the stamper and also ordered a plate from Bundle Monster (BX-SL154). I used Fergie Glowstick for the stamping.  It is actually a vibrant green with gold sparkles but it seems more of the gold than the green actually transferred.

I really like how this turned out and as you can see I didn't even bother with a new base and just used the gradient I had from my last post.  I am highly impressed and as I said above I'm converted.  Now for the only draw back, since it's a white makes using white nail polish really, really hard to get placement right.  So I've already ordered some with colored ends from Puenn! 

Thank you for looking and please share it if you like it!

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