Saturday, April 2, 2016

Gun Show Nail Art

Hello my fellow nail artists and fellow polish addicts!  Today I am sharing with you the mani I did recently to go to a gun show.  I just went for fun with my love to see what there was while he scouted for some bullets for his new gun.  There were some cool knives but nothing I actually came home with.  Maybe next time....anyways...on to the nails!  Since my love was looking for bullets I thought I would do bullet nails!  

I did two coats of Sally Hansen Golden-I and let it dry.  I then painted a wide tip with Essie Leggy Legend, which is the copper color, then a final thin tip with Color Club Wild Orchid for the gray.  I actually skipped a top coat since I thought they would look more like bullets without than with a shiny top coat.  I think they turned out cute for such a quick job and the people at the show got a kick out of them!

Thanks for looking and check back soon for more nail art designs!


  1. i like the color combination i think it is really nice. they are two opposite shades of the same color and they look good together. keep doing what you love you are really good at it

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