Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Crushed Review & Swatch

Hello my dear readers and fellow polish enthusiasts!  I thought I would go ahead and do another review for you on another Sally Hansen polish I thought I'd try.  I am one of the few that seem to like the textured polish trend so picking up this to try out when I spotted it on clearance was a no brainer!

It does have a texture to it but I wouldn't call it velvet more like spongy rhino lining if that makes any sense...???...anyways, this only took two coats after a base coat but no top coat was used, as usual with textured polish.

It has a square brush which made application tricky near the cuticle but it does dry quicker than most textured polishes which is a bonus in my opinion.  

The color on the nail really is the same color as in the bottle which I found surprising but a good surprise.  Overall I like it for what it is and I'm sure it will be perfect for some random mani that just hasn't occurred to me yet but I don't see myself wearing it as it, it's definitely more one for the art side of things.  Have you tried this polish?  If so let me know what you think in the comments below and check back soon for more nail designs and reviews!

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